Kate Falkirk Wossname – background

katePersonel file on: Katherine Falkirk Wossname

Family and relations:

Father: Frederick Alexander Falkirk (of the Falkirks that cofounded the Society), active agent

Mother: Mefri Kuni Tiferi (of nangan origin, daughter of a petty king in Nanga), active agent

(Parents met on Society related excursion in Nanga)

Sister (elder): Elizabeth Falkirk Bossworth. Disassociated from the Society. Married to Urquhart Bossworth, trader in silks and teas from the West. Three children and one foster child.

Brother (younger): Tobias Falkirk. Active agent. Currently attached to Team B.

Daughter: Amelia Falkirk Wossname, age 4. In care of Elizabeth and Urquhart Bossworth.

Childhood and eduacation
Born September 11th 1816. Raised within the Society (private tutors). Removed to finishing school (special) at age 14.Graduated with honors at age 17 (one year prematurely), and came out into society that same year. Speaks bretonian, valorian and valakian.

Work within the Society
Joined team C in 1834 under Michael Masters. See in particular reports 1-C-218, 1-C-1060, 3-C-1076, 3-C-1102 and 2-C-241. Also reports 2-C-433 (failed. See Lady Sybil) and 3-C-2231 (failed. See The Quartermen).
Accompanied team C to the East in association with the Pinkertoms in 1840. Lend out to the Pinkertoms for special solo missions (see reports fm/p276, fm/p311 and in particular fm/p324, which garnered Miss Falkirk with a medal of honor by the Colonial government). During said mission Miss Falkirk came into contact with known gambler and grifter Xavier Wossname, and used him as leverage to meet the mission’s end (see details in fm/p324). After reporting (and medal receiving) Miss Falkirk sought and gained a leave of absence. Within the year Miss Falkirk terminated her position at the Society and married said Wossname (August 12th, 1841).

Xavier WossnameHereafter reports are scarce. Apparently Miss Falkirk (now Mrs Wossname) toured riverboats, gambling dens and brothels with her new husband. Apparently not strictly on the right side of the law (this is undocumented). Daughter born January 1st, 1847. March 2nd, 1849, Xavier Wossname was shot and killed on the riverboat Mariah after a winning streak that some took offence by.

Mrs Wossname returned to London in June 1849, and subsequently rejoined the Society in September, 1849.

Reinstated as active agent in team C, now under Bea Cunningham, as second in command (see reports in particular 4-C-1211, 4-C-3122, 3-C-699, 3-C-775)

Espionage and infiltration. Have some skills at decreet elimination. Information gathering. Break-in/out artist. Playing cards.

Prefered weapons
Bladed fan, garotte, parasol, perfumes and poisons, bladed cards.

Reports explanation:

Ex: 1-C-239 (1=type of mission), (C=team name), (239=mission name)

Types of missions:

1=Locate and observe/report
2=Locate and infiltrate/report
3=Locate and retract (person, information or object)
4=Locate and elimination

fm=foreign mission


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